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Why does the pressure of the rock loader rise slowly?


Why does the pressure of the pneumatic rock loader rise slowly?

The reasons why the pressure of the rock loader rises slowly are as follows:

(1) Air leakage in the pipeline.

(2) The air pump is not working properly.

(3) The one-way valve is corroded and stuck.

(4) The oil drain bolt of the oil-water separator is not closed tightly or the pressure regulating valve is leaking.

Troubleshooting method: First, eliminate the leakage of the pipeline, and then check the working status of the air pump. Remove the air pump outlet tube and press the air outlet with your thumb. If the exhaust pressure is low, the air pump is faulty. If the air pump is in good working condition, check the oil drain plug or pressure regulating valve of the oil-water separator to avoid bypass. Troubleshoot by checking. Then check the two one-way valves in the three-way joint. The blocking of the one-way valve will cause the air tank to not be able to inhale or the air intake will be slow.