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What is the use of mining electric locomotive driver's controller?


The driver's controller of the mining electric locomotive is the control center of the mining electric locomotive. The most basic control contents include the start, stop, forward, backward, speed regulation and electric brake. If desired, the switches for the horn and light can also be integrated into the driver's control, rather than having several separate switches.

In addition to the switches reserved for horns and lights, the main functions of the division control are provided by two control handles - the reversing handle and the main control handle.

Main control handle: Control things related to the speed of the electric locomotive. Start, speed regulation, braking and parking are all controlled by the main control handle.

Reversing handle: Controls whether the electric locomotive travels forward or backward. You also can choose to control one motor or two motors for detection or when a motor fails.

For safety and to prevent misoperation, there is a mechanical locking device between the main control handle and the reversing handle, which ensures:

1. Only when the handle of the main controller is in the 0th gear, can the reversing be performed.

2. Only when the commutator handle is placed in the "forward" or "backward" position, can the main controller handle be turned.

3. When the commutator handle is in the working position of one traction motor, the main handle cannot be turned to the position when the electric brake and the two motors work in parallel.

The above is a brief introduction to the driver's controler of mining electric locomotives.