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What is the average pulling force of the 7.5kw Drum Mining Electric Rake Winch?

The rake winch is mainly used for ore handling and filling in the pit or open air of metal mines and other mines. It is mainly used for horizontal harrowing, but also for slope harrowing with a small inclination angle, and cannot be used as a lifting device. The driver can operate by hand beside the winch, or use the button to perform distance control from a few meters or even tens of meters away from the winch. The harrowing winch is driven by the steel wire rope wound on the drum to make a reciprocating movement to harrow the material. The following is the parameter table of 2JBP-7.5/2JP-7.5 rake winch.
Model: 2JPB-7.5/2JP-7.5
Average pulling force of main wire rope (KN): 8
Wire rope speed
Main wire rope (m/s): 1.0
Sub wire rope (m/s): 1.0
Average (m/s): 1.0
Model: YBK3-132M-4/Y132M-4
kW: 7.5
Main drum
Rope capacity (m): 45
Drum diameter (mm): 205
Drum width (mm): 80
Main wire rope
Diameter (mm): 10
Structure: 6×19
Minimum breaking force (KN): 55.8